• Kait Dunlap

    What a Hairy Mess

    June 27, 2013 by Kait Dunlap

    Part 2- Rack, NH, US, Dep, Rig, and Old Man had their bodies switched and are now "testing" their new bodies out.

    (Episode begins with everyone in the lab testing their bodies out)

    Old Man: (Running) Wow! I haven't been able to run this fast without shortness of breath since I was a young lad! This is great!

    Rig: (Tries walking but bones crack) Ouch! Old Man, why is your body so cracky? It sounds like popcorn popping when a bone cracks, oh maybe I'm made of popcorn!

    (Bites herself and yelps)

    Rig: OW! That hurt and I don't taste like popcorn at all.

    Dep: How can women wear heels? They giving me blisters and calluses! (Feels the twins moving) US is pregnant? Oh yeah...

    US: Ugh, this body is too healthy. I actually have energy instead of sugar rush,…

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  • Kait Dunlap

    Hairy Mistakes

    June 27, 2013 by Kait Dunlap

    (Episode begins with NH laughing evilly in his lab)

    NH: (Deep voice) MUHAHAHAHAHA! (Coughs; has his normal voice) Muhahaha! Finally! After several attempts that haven't gone well.

    (Montage of many explosions and NH's fur is black and his fur is sticking everywhere)

    NH: I have finally created a invention that hasn't blown up! Rig!

    (Rig pops up out of the trash can)

    Rig: Did someone say my name?

    NH: I did. But......why were you in the trash?

    Rig: Looking for ingredients for my pies! I call it "Scraps Pie", great name, huh?

    NH: (Mumbles) I'm SO glad I don't eat her pies. (Out loud) Give it to Rack when your done, I'm sure he'll love it.

    Rig: Okey Dokey Artichokey!

    NH: Ugh...But I called you because I want you to test this.

    (Pulls sheet off the invention;…

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  • Rackliffelikespurple

    Hello there! Welcome to the new wiki, Rackliffelikespurple's Show Wiki! Our goal here is to educate fans of my show "Show" about the characters and whatnot. Please, help our wiki grow! We have a lot of work to do! ;)

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