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    What a Hairy Mess

    June 27, 2013 by Kait Dunlap

    Part 2- Rack, NH, US, Dep, Rig, and Old Man had their bodies switched and are now "testing" their new bodies out.

    (Episode begins with everyone in the lab testing their bodies out)

    Old Man: (Running) Wow! I haven't been able to run this fast without shortness of breath since I was a young lad! This is great!

    Rig: (Tries walking but bones crack) Ouch! Old Man, why is your body so cracky? It sounds like popcorn popping when a bone cracks, oh maybe I'm made of popcorn!

    (Bites herself and yelps)

    Rig: OW! That hurt and I don't taste like popcorn at all.

    Dep: How can women wear heels? They giving me blisters and calluses! (Feels the twins moving) US is pregnant? Oh yeah...

    US: Ugh, this body is too healthy. I actually have energy instead of sugar rush,…

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  • Kait Dunlap

    Hairy Mistakes

    June 27, 2013 by Kait Dunlap

    (Episode begins with NH laughing evilly in his lab)

    NH: (Deep voice) MUHAHAHAHAHA! (Coughs; has his normal voice) Muhahaha! Finally! After several attempts that haven't gone well.

    (Montage of many explosions and NH's fur is black and his fur is sticking everywhere)

    NH: I have finally created a invention that hasn't blown up! Rig!

    (Rig pops up out of the trash can)

    Rig: Did someone say my name?

    NH: I did. But......why were you in the trash?

    Rig: Looking for ingredients for my pies! I call it "Scraps Pie", great name, huh?

    NH: (Mumbles) I'm SO glad I don't eat her pies. (Out loud) Give it to Rack when your done, I'm sure he'll love it.

    Rig: Okey Dokey Artichokey!

    NH: Ugh...But I called you because I want you to test this.

    (Pulls sheet off the invention;…

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